Integrated Electronics

When COTS won’t do!

ACSYeS provides the ability to develop innovative electronic systems and solutions for both defense and commercial applications. Our focus is on helping customers develop solutions involving custom electronics for very specific challenges, especially in situations where Commercially-available Off The Shelf (COTS) components don’t exist and/or for low quantity requirements.

Our engineering staff consists of experts in hardware and software development, experienced technicians and production personnel who will transform your ideas or requirements to functioning hardware.  We specialize in the design, fabrication test and production of custom electronic assemblies including IF and audio signal processing, RF and mixed signal devices, electromagnetic, acoustic, and optical sensors, embedded controls and unique modifications to COTS components for one-of or prototype applications.
For over 20 years we’ve delivered scores of products to customers having diverse needs from quick turn prototypes to demanding high reliability production for commercial and mil/aerospace applications.  Due to sensitive nature of our work and/or the desire to protect client IP we refrain from publishing details on the web but will eagerly provide details upon consultation.  If you have a need for custom electronics please give us a call, we can help!

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